Angeline Lawrence

Business Development Associate

Angeline, a graduate of Binus University in Jakarta, began her career in 2021 as an IT Consultant at PwC. She also has two years of experience in Business Development. Angeline is skilled in identifying how changes and risks affect different stakeholders and is proficient in market research. Throughout her career, she has consulted in various industries, including state-owned companies, entertainment, and mining, building a strong network. Her expertise is in conducting market research for business development and understanding transformations, localization strategies, and risk assessment when entering new markets. With her experience in analyzing stakeholder dynamics and market trends, Angeline is well-equipped to excel in her field. She is fluent in both English and Bahasa Indonesia, and she also has a basic understanding of Hokkien.

Niki Dwi Adityas

Digital Marketing Manager

Niki is a seasoned IT and Digital Marketing professional with a decade of experience in FinTech and E-commerce. His skill set includes website design, optimization, and noteworthy contributions to Loyalty Management Systems for renowned brands such as Shiseido and Gucci. Holding a Bachelor's in E-commerce from STMIK Indonesia, Niki is certified in Microsoft Database, Business Intelligence, and MVC Programming.

He is proficient in PHP, Laravel, WordPress, JavaScript, SQL, and Python, and he combines technical prowess with digital marketing expertise. Niki has successfully collaborated and worked with companies in Indonesia and Singapore, crafting high-conversion digital marketing campaigns. His unique blend of technical and marketing skills positions him as a valuable asset capable of driving success across diverse projects and industries.

Winnie Hoh

Accounts & HR Executive

Winnie's expertise lies in providing highly customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. She excels in guiding SMEs and multinational companies through intricate accounting regulations, ensuring compliance and efficiency. A pivotal team member, Winnie adeptly manages clients' accounting, tax, administrative, and outsourcing needs. Her rich background as an Accounts Assistant Manager spans Malaysia and Singapore, showcasing her expertise in registering businesses, managing transactions, and navigating complex corporate landscapes.

Christy Eugenia

Social Media Manager

Graduating from the Bali Tourism Institute in Indonesia, Christy embarked on her career as a social media specialist in 2017. With over 4 years of experience in the Singapore market and 3 years in the Indonesian market, Christy possesses extensive expertise in developing effective business strategies, digital marketing strategies and managing social media campaigns across various platforms. She has also worked closely with numerous Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and influencers from both Indonesia and other countries. With her knowledge and skills as a business consultant, Christy can provide valuable assistance in establishing a strong digital marketing presence in new markets.

El-Given Christy

Chief Designer

El-Given Christy graduated from Maranatha Christian University Bandung and is an experienced branding consultant with over 6 years of experience in Indonesia and 2 years of experience in the Singapore market. She specializes in branding, social media design, and brand localization consultancy.

Throughout her career, El-Given has gained experience providing consultancy for various industries including jewellery retail, food and beverage, hospitality, and more. She is passionate about creating visually appealing designs that help businesses stand out in their respective markets.

Janice Koh

Loans & Partnership Manager

Janice holds a degree in Business Administration Management from PSB Academy. With her background in business administration and 8 years of experience in the financial sector, Janice is well- equipped to provide strategic insights and recommendations to businesses aiming to enter new markets. Her proficiency in market research, data analysis, and risk assessment ensures that clients receive thorough and reliable assessments to make informed market entry decisions.

Adela Shienny

Business Development Director

Shienny is an accomplished business development professional with a finance degree from New York University and holding a CFA level 1. She has an extensive experience in marketing and corporate finance, specializing in market research and localization strategies. She is a native Indonesian who has spent over a decade of her academic and professional life in Singapore and the United States, thus possessing a multicultural background and profound comprehension of the cultural intricacies in both Singapore and Indonesia. This unique perspective enables her to provide valuable support to her Singaporean clients in adapting and succeeding in the Indonesian markets.

As a member of the Stellar Women community with international property experience, Shienny has an extensive network in Singapore and Indonesia. Her connections span diverse industries like media, event organizers, food and beverage, investors, and entrepreneurs, making her an excellent business connector.

Additionally, her fluency in English, Chinese, and Bahasa Indonesia gives her a unique advantage in bridging the language gap for international companies, facilitating effective communication between foreign businesses and their Indonesian counterparts.

Jamie Tan

General Manager & Creative Director

A growth achiever with over 14 years of experience in business management, marketing, and design, Jamie is the Assistant Lead Consultant leading the business marketing team as Creative Director. As the executive management, she has vast experience in developing and implementing constructive business and marketing strategies for clients across all channels and works closely with the finance department on business budgeting and forecasting. Jamie has helped many firms in market entry feasibility studies, business matching, branding consultancy, strategic marketing consultancy and many more.

Melvin Ho

Founder & CEO

Melvin Ho, a Practising Management Consultant (PMC), is the CEO of Bizsquare, specializing in Cash Flow Structuring and Business Brand Strategy for SMEs. He holds an MBA from Arcadia University, USA and a Bachelor of Commerce from Murdoch University, Australia.

Melvin founded Bizsquare in 2013 to address the underserved demand for SMEs financial management advice. Over the years, Melvin has provided management consultation to MNCs and government-related bodies. He has since then expanded his services to include branding and marketing, accounting, and business strategy development, offering comprehensive solutions for SMEs. Melvin has built a robust network of business owners across the globe, particularly in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

With over 14 years of experience, Melvin's expertise, excellent business acumen and recognition in the industry has driven Bizsquare's customer success in building strong networks internationally. Many Singapore businesses have benefitted from his network. He has a strong team in Indonesia which has helped many Singapore businesses establish networks and partnerships there.

Alongside him is a team of experts dedicated to their respective areas of expertise, providing a comprehensive one-stop solution to clients worldwide.

Biz Content

Working Capital Loan For Your Business

working capital loan

3 reasons on why you should take a Working Capital Loan in Singapore for your business

Before we begin, it is imperative to understand that your business’ working capital must never be underestimated or overlooked, as it can be seen as an essential aspect in allowing your business to unlock its full potential and achieve consistent operational success. A working capital ratio, which can be measured as a ratio through dividing your current assets by your current liabilities, provides a glimpse of your company’s financial health. For most industries, a good rule of thumb for a healthy ratio would be 2:1. Effective management of your business’ working capital loan would lead to smoother operational flows and eventually positively contribute towards your business’ earnings and profitability. In essence, if your business’ working capital is managed well, a fine balance between your business’ profitability, liquidity, and growth can be better attained. In turn, your business would start to operate in a more efficient manner and gradually work towards the development of having strong fundamentals for its financial health overtime.

working capital loan

However, for SMEs or new businesses in a competitive market like Singapore, most of them are likely to face irregularities in their monthly cash inflows and outflows, resulting in inconsistency and thus, making it extremely challenging to put together accurate business and financial projections based on analysing those historical results which has no clear pattern. Furthermore, ensuring sufficient WCL on a consistent basis might be a huge challenge for many of them as well. If this sounds all too familiar for your business, you’re in for a treat.

working capital loan

While there are various ways you could take to increase your working capital, such as, cutting unnecessary expenses, reducing bad debts, selling fixed assets for additional cash inflow, or even receiving higher cash discounts through careful selection of vendors, another simple yet effective method to significantly enhance your working capital for your business in Singapore would be to take on working capital loans, which can also serve to complement your efforts in increasing your business’ working capital if you have already utilized other ways to do so, as mentioned earlier.

A working capital loan would undoubtedly increase your working capital and ultimately, also bring numerous benefits to your business’ overall financial health and operations. “But how can the working capital loan help my business?”, you may ask.

working capital loan

Here’s three reasons on why you should take a Working Capital Loan in Singapore for your business:

1) Enhanced cashflow and working capital ratio

A working capital loan may improve your business cash flow in general and aid in short term cash influx for your operational costs (payroll, vendor, maintenance, rent and any other miscellaneous payments required to ensure a smooth flow in business operations), which all contributes to a strong and healthy WCL ratio. This would also mean that your business can meet its financial obligations and simultaneously have excess funds which can be utilized for other purposes. The increased flow of funds would also lead to two further benefits, explained below.

2) Be better prepared for business and market fluctuations

With the increased flow of funds from taking a working capital loan, it allows your business to be better equipped to tackle short term or unforeseen complications and have access to a larger pool of resources to work with, such as conceptualizing new business strategies and kickstarting marketing campaigns and promotions. Effectively, your business would then be able to ride through business and market fluctuations, continuing normal operations without worries.

3) Stay ahead of the game and experience accelerated growth

Lastly, having access to a larger pool of resources and funds gained from the working capital loan would also allow your business to swiftly capitalise on arising business opportunities and stay ahead of the game to set your business apart from the rest. Consequently, your business’ growth would also be accelerated, resulting in amplification of its profit potential.

In summary…it is recommended for you to take on a working capital loan!

With those 3 reasons, taking on a working capital loan in Singapore is recommend for your business as it provides a powerful boost for your business and helps it to effortlessly tide through most business and/or market fluctuations, all while keeping abreast of market opportunities and as a result, potentially experience accelerated growth.W

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