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Melvin Ho Repositions Bizsquare to be a One-Stop Business Consultancy Firm Empowering Singapore SMEs

Bizsquare offers professional bespoke consulting services for local SMEs in Singapore with the purpose of helping them grow and scale.

Melvin Ho is the founder of Bizsquare Management Consultants, a certified enterprise Singapore management consultancy company established in 2013, and he has announced his decision to include a wider range of professional services to be a true one-stop business consultancy firm.

As a certified Practising Management Consultant in Singapore, Melvin and Bizsquare will be leveraging their extensive network of contacts, vast experience, expertise, and deep knowledge of the industry to deliver professional bespoke services – Business Loan Consulting and Branding & Marketing in particular – to local SMEs in Singapore.


Through Bizsquare, Melvin and his team will offer consulting services tailor-made to each situation and industry their client is in. Before that, however, they would have to thoroughly understand the client’s business situation, pain points, and his or her desired outcome. Then, they will develop a strategic plan fitting to their business – aimed to solve problems at their roots and improve their business continuity. Each client will be guided through the entire process from start till end.

While the process of applying for a Business Loan may appear to be a tedious or even a daunting process for some – having to worry about credit score, financial documents, and all the paperwork – applying for a Business Loan through Bizsquare’s consultancy services is surprisingly simple and hassle-free. The customer simply just has to submit a loan inquiry form to Bizsquare, and the rest of the job is left to Bizsquare to weave their magic. Over the past several years, Bizsquare has secured strong partnerships with over 30 Financial Institution partners and has served more than 3,000 satisfied clients, with funds raised totaling more than S$1 Billion.

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Bizsquare’s Branding & Marketing services, on the other hand, provides a myriad of services ranging from full Strategic marketing & Brand development to graphic design, social media marketing, and videography. Full service for Strategic marketing & Brand development begins with the diagnosis and gap analysis of the client’s company, the assessment of its internal and external factors (SWOT analysis), carrying out primary or secondary research, and ends with their recommendations, plans for implementation and the execution of training and workshops.


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It is undeniable that having either additional financial resources or executable strategic marketing plans in place would already significantly elevate a business’s growth if they were utilized or done right respectively; but why not get the best of both worlds?

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BizSquare is a one-stop business consultancy firm providing Loan Consultancy Services, Accounting and Corporate Secretarial Services, Branding and Marketing Consultancy, Strategy Management and Start-up Mentorship. 


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Jayce Tang

Jayce is a digital marketing intern at Bizsquare Management Consultants Pte Ltd. He loves driving and in his free time, he enjoys hanging out with his friends and family.